The Week We're In: Autumnal Equinox Brings Autonomy

Updated: Jan 18

Welcome to our reading of the energies for the week we're in. We've got power-FULL energies flooding our earthly plane as the Fall Equinox takes place on Tuesday, September 22nd.

Equinoxes are gateways portals where the veil of perception thins between our seen and unseen worlds. Take note of insights that may flash through your mind at this time, any desires that are unearthed. Your spirit has something to say; will you listen?

That is the question of our Guiding Light for the week:

Star Ancestor, "follow the voice of your soul."

Message: We are reminded that in stillness the soul can speak and the mind can listen. Have you been listening to your heart, the voice of your soul? When Star Ancestor appears in a reading, he is encouraging us to go within--to seek within our hearts for the direction of where our lives need to go.

And where do we need to go?

Fire Guardian--"ignite your passions."

We need a little heat in our lives--actually, we need a lotta heat. As we cross over into fall, the time has truly come for inward moving action. Trust that this inward turn doesn't have to feel cold, lonely, and sombre. It can feel like the warmth of a fireplace at home. It can feel like the fire raging under your tea kettle. Allow it to feel like warmth because it is warmth--the warmth of your own light.

Where have you been denying yourself the warmth of your own light? Where have you given this light to others and left yourself out, alone at night? Now is the time to return to you--make it fun! Realize that when you're doing the things you truly want to do, you won't lament at having to get these things done--you will simply do. With a smile, too.


Carrying on, Mother Earth reminds us to feel loved and comforted in this time, which is not always easy considering there are people reminding us at every turn that we should feel scared, we should be hyper-vigilant, and we should keep six feet apart.

Should we?


You know, a college advisor once told me I seemed preoccupied with the word "should." She was right. I believed there was one way, one correct way to live my life and so I became unwittingly obsessed with trying to find the right way--my "should" way--even though my shoulds were completely at odds with my reality.

The result? I was miserable because I couldn't stack up.

None of us can stack up to invisible, constructed standards.

We are all burdened by "shoulds" in this society. This week, and truly beyond, try releasing the shoulds and allow yourself simply to Be. Connect with the knowing that you are here with Mama Earth not to do anything else but Be.

Can you love yourself outside of accolades and accomplishments? Outside of what you do and have done?

Whatever your answer, make it a priority to try to love yourself. Remember that in trying lies the doing.

You just have to try.

Druid and Drum close us out, reminding us to hold the space for our dreams and for our own individual journeys. No Once Upon A Time can be applied here. Life doesn't unfold the way it does in books and movies. Why should it? Each and every one of us is unique and has a unique path and purpose to fulfill.

Need help finding yours?

Circle back to the beginning--past Star Ancestor and back to the voice of your soul which is simply You. This week, honor You: your wants, your wishes, your unique way of being You.

And should you find that task to be hard, remember:

This time is just a storm, and all storms pass.

Find shelter in your heart, in your home, and in You.

Make your mind a resting space.

Make it home for You.

With that, I send you off to move into this moment with our Pose of the Week, guided by GieGie.

All my love,




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