The International Witches' Anthem

What is a witch?

A witch is a vibration; it's a feeling; a pull. "To witch" is a calling; it's a purpose; it's a role. Witches are sisters, shamans, lovers, friends. We are leaders and communicators of the Great Unknown. We are ourselves unknown, often unheard of, whispers on the wind. We are mothers, daughters, laughter, wind, and rain. We are the dances after midnight on soft forest floor. After centuries of silence, we are crying out "No more!" Witches now rise, now remember, now restore: restore your spirit, reclaim your magic--it is yours and YOU are yours.

A Prayer for All Witches/"The International Witches' Anthem"

As I walk beside the moon

I am, myself, the month of June

both warm

and cold


and bold.

I am both


and light--

an equinox unfolding.

I am beholden

to none

but my own.

Though I may at times

walk alone,

this Earth is my home;

She holds me.

I am held,

safe to cast

all of my spells.

Safe to glisten,

safe to shine


because I am Divine.

To all the witches

here I pray

you may shine

and light your way.

For every witch

long scorned

may your brilliant heart-

light burn.

May we make

a thousand suns,

may we each return

to One.

For every witch

it's this I pray,

I plant this seed

as I remember Me.

And so it is,

and so it shall be.

Rise, all witches--

remember thee.





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