The Beauty of Benevolent Kink

Benevolent kink embraces the spectrum of our sexuality, from the highest and brightest tones to the deepest. What sets benevolent kink apart from conventional is intention. With benevolent kink, the intention is to better--never to harm--all parties involved in this sacred practice.

Benevolent kink can manifest as a Dominant/submissive relationship that allows the submissive player (the sub) to practice the art of surrendering while the Dominant player (or, Dom) practices the art of command. It can manifest as a meditation on trust with knife play between two lovers. It can be a solo practice of breath restriction in the safety of one's own company. Benevolent kink is anything you find kinky that you allow yourself to explore.

Let's turn to tarot to gain more insight.

Question: What do we activate when we explore our full sexual spectrum?

Answer: Empowerment

We can access the deep reserve of creation energy--that is to say, sexual energy--within us. It is from this sacred space we access our true power, which is our ability to create and manifest the world we envision.

Question: How can we activate this sexual power?

Answer: Page of Swords

By going out and exploring--by going back to the recesses of our minds and seeking out the experiences we have had that have served to sever us from our sacredly sexual power.

Look back at your early childhood experience--was sexuality healthily encouraged? Were you raised in religious traditions that made sexual enlightenment shameful? Do you still experience shame in your sexual experiences today? All of these are questions that will help you unlock the door you have closed to true, sexual liberation.

And just what is true, sexual liberation?

True sexual liberation is the ability to express your inherent sexual nature, however it manifests, without shame, without judgement, and without comparison to others. It is being able to explore all you are curious about in healthy, consensual ways that honor your soul and the souls of any partners you may choose to explore with.

Sexual liberation is an inward journey--all it requires is you.

While a partner can help you along the way, serving as a mirror for your wants and blocks, your sexual liberation begins and ends with you.

How to Start - Make a list of all the kinky things you're into. Make an event of this and make it fun. Begin by clearing your mind and connecting with your heart. Ask it to reveal its/your deepest sexual desires and promise you won't judge it for what it reveals.

As the words, images, sensations flood your atmosphere, begin to fantasize using the wishes of your heart. Take the time to get kinky by exploring these kinks in your mind. Visualization is a powerful tool that allows us to experience that which we desire before we manifest it on the physical plane. Allow yourself to try things out.

Have fun!

Let loose!

And remember: you're in the safety of your own mind. You are in the safest space you could ever be in. Let go and let your hidden desires out.

Do let me know how it goes!

In love and kinkiness,


Happy hunting ;)

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