StarLight: A Tale of Twin Flames

This story appears as the second installment of Spirit's October 2020 Series on Sacred Union "Witches Need Love, Too." Wanna know what Sacred Union is? Check this out.

Once, in our infinite Time, there lived a star cluster high up in our expansive Universe named StarLight. They were a peaceful cluster of light and they spent their existence humming the vibration of unconditional love, a resonance that resounded through all the planets and skies.

One of the many planets StarLight watched over was the mighty planet Earth. This cluster watched Earth from her infancy and saw she was now in grave danger.

The humans who inhabited Earth were stuck on their evolutionary track, unable to move past a series of traumatic events occurring lifetimes ago. They were stuck on a karmic loop, unable to reach their full evolutionary potential. Through their choices, which were guided by this initial trauma programming, they were inadvertently preventing Mother Earth from dong the same.

The High Council—a cluster of high vibrational energies who loved and looked after the entire multiverse--knew this situation was dire. The humans were being terribly misguided and were on the brink of destroying Planet Earth, which would have disastrous effects on our beloved multiverse.

They sent out a clarion call—a beam of light reaching near and far, touching every planet, reaching every star.

“Planet Earth needs help! The beings there must break through; they must evolve or reach extinction.”

The Council continued:

“Only Love can tip the scale, for that is what the humans need most. In their hearts, they have forgotten Love as it truly is: pure, honest, and unconditional.
We are looking for volunteers to be on this planet as emissaries of Love and transmitters of Light. We cannot force humans to love (that is not loving); we can only show them what true love is to help them remember it and seek it out themselves.
How it Works:
Volunteers for this mission will incarnate into human form. They will choose families where the light of true Love has been buried. Because of the karmic weight of Earth’s gravitational field, volunteers will forget, at very early in their incarnation, the Light within themselves.
Fear Not!
We, the Council, are with you always; being on Earth makes no difference. We guide our volunteers, sending them messages and encounters to help them remember themselves and to help them clear the weight they take on. We send them Love.
Please Note: Planet Earth began as Project Earth: an experiment in what humans call “separateness.”
The goal of this separateness is to learn how to return to Oneness—to return to Love and harmony with all beings in existence.
Planet Earth needs help in finding unity once more.
Important things to consider: Those who have not yet experienced this sensation, this separateness, will find it jarring. It is, in essence, the root of human suffering.
If you are yearning to accept this mission, trust this is the path you chose when Beginning began.
Trust you can do it.Believe you will succeed. Remember we are with you always. We Love you.
-The Council

Receiving this message, StarLight knew this was one of the tasks they had come into existence to do. In their heart of hearts, they knew.

When they communicated their desire, they received a surprising response.

“Dear StarLight,
Thank you for your dedication to your soul’s mission, in line with Our mission of existing as One. You will incarnate onto Planet Earth in what the humans believe to be the late twentieth century. Can you believe it? Only twenty centuries! Earth is so tender.
You are a bright presences, dear StarLight—your wisdom is a well that expands far beneath the veil of illusion and past lower frequency vibrations.
The Council requests you incarnate as two “separate” human beings who come back to One. In doing this, you will teach other humans by your example.
Things to Consider:
You will face obstacles crafted by the lower energy field of Earth designed to keep you apart. You, yourself, will be one of these obstacles.
Love will bring you back together.
Do you accept your assignment?

StarLight responded without hesitation:


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Til then, I wish you Love, Light, and Peace of mind.





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