Spirit Sings: "Your Smile"

Updated: Jan 25

Things change in the blink of an eye.

In one instant we are carrying on as we always believed we would, and in the next we are quarantined and carrying on quite differently.

It's best not to make plans nowadays because each day holds the potential to be so dang different from what we imagined it would be and what we believe it should be.

It's a dangerous word--"should." "Should" keeps us trapped in the why nots instead of appreciating the what is for all it is.

This song is about taking the changes that accrue over time and accepting them as is. It's a song about coming together, recorded when I thought we would come together in May.

Things change so quickly.

In all the shakeups and shuffling and quarantines and masks, I pray your smile remains.


Spirit HeartSong Cadet

*This is a recording for the Penn 2015 postponed 5th year reunion*

Psst! If you'd like to listen longer, check out the lyric video I made for Blue/One, the single from my album Sacred Love that will be out February 13--it's been a long time coming ;)




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