Shaman Seeks Dreamy Sacred Partner

Originally published in the Missed Connections section of Lightworker Weekly, an imaginary publication of GieGie's creation. All content taken from real dream journeys.


I am a dream-walker looking for the short-tempered astrologer I met in a dream.

...Or maybe you're the poet who was looking for quinoa in a celestial gas station that sold tea in pretty china...

...Or perhaps you're the Dwayne-Wayne-glasses wearing chap who kissed my forehead as we planted a dreamworld tree together...

... Or possibly the man who told me "I loved you from the second I saw you," as we strolled arm-in-arm down Dream Way.

...Or rather, the lion man with a golden brown mane who sang Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You while on break from our otherworldly class session...

All this to say, I am looking for the man of my dreams. Please reveal yourself and stop all this shapeshifting.

Meet me tonight, under Grandmother Willow Tree. I'll be dressed in indigo dye. 😘



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