Sacred Union 101 - A Guide to the Highest Love

Welcome One, welcome All to Sacred Union 101. This is the first installment of my October offering: Witches Need Love Too (because we really do).

Today we’re exploring the wondrous world of Sacred Union.

Q: What is sacred union?

Sacred Union is a union , or relationship, in which space is made for the Divine. It is where universal balance is restored by forming the sacred trinity consisting of Lover One and Lover Two with the presence of their divinity serving as their glue.

Sacred Union starts at home. It is first a personal journey in the heart of one lover who seeks to fill in the spaces within themselves.

To have Sacred Union of self means that one has blended the sacred masculine and sacred feminine aspects of themselves—their mind and their heart. It means one has filled themselves up with unconditional love for themselves, forsaking the conditioning of society that has taught them otherwise.

It means one has returned to love.

It is from that space of existing in unconditional love that one can easily share their love unconditionally with another.

Sacred Union is shelter—it is the love we access through the Divine Feminine grounded by the action we achieve through our Divine Masculine essence.

Sacred Union is being held and loved by the brightest light.

Sacred Union is our home; it is our birthright.

Q: What are some kinds of Sacred Union Partnerships?

There are many and many of them have no name. Some names you might be familiar with are: soulmates and twin flames.

Soul mates are beings who originate from a similar cluster, or soul family, who have agreed to incarnate and work together in a specific lifetime. Soul mates can be friends, teachers, and, yes, romantic lovers, too. With a soul mate you often have a soul contract to learn a predetermined lesson with/through. When it comes to Sacred Union, the contract can be to learn how to love unconditionally or to start a family together.

Twin flames are beings who originate from the same consciousness, or soul. They chose to do this with the purpose of learning how to return to Oneness, which is the essence of existence.

Didja know: Everything in existence is connected—from the stars to the trees to the people on the street, we are all connected. Out in space we exist with awareness of this connectedness. On Earth we forget.

Twin flames are here to help humanity remember.

For more information on twin flames, look out for my next post: StarLight - A Story of Twin Flame Love.

Q: Does everyone have a soul mate?

I feel that question is like asking if everyone has friends. I believe every soul has the potential to meet and be with a soul mate. I also believe there are factors that impact whether or not this potential is made manifest, the chief factor being free will. While Divine forces will do all they can to help us on our journeys, they will never force us into anything, even love. So I think we all have the potential to be with a soul mate/ form a sacred union partnership.

I also believe that we exist across many timelines and there is more time than the present. So in one lifetime a person might not have a soul mate incarnate with them while in another lifetime they may. Souls are infinite and there are infinite ways to incarnate.

Q: Do I have a soulmate/twin flame/ sacred person meant for me?

If you believe you do, I believe you do. If you’ve ever dreamt about it, I believe you do. If you want it, then I believe you do. If you’re reading this article: I believe you do :)

Q: What are some ways I can get in touch with my Person?

Great question! Keep an eye on this series for my thoughts on the matter (subscribe to keep abreast!). If you’re eager to start, start by setting your intention to consciously connect with the spirit of your person. Sacred Union is a spiritual connection which means you are always spiritually connected with your Person. You just have to bring your awareness to this connectedness. Trust yourself in the process. Maybe write a letter to them, send them light, or imagine the two of you in love. Take care to leave old world conditioning such as an emphasis on physicality behind. Suspend your disbelief; you don’t need it here. 😈

For an example of this otherworldly love, look out for my next post: StarLight - A Story of Twin Flame Love.

Til then, I wish you love, light, and peace of mind.





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