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Archetypes are all around us.

From the portrait of divine femininity displayed by the Virgin Mary to the mean girls of the movie Mean Girls, archetypes show us how can and (and often cannot) operate in the world in order to fit that archetype's descriptor.

By using the image of a virgin woman as the pinnacle of divine femininity, for example, we are told that the model for embodying the divine feminine is through this same, unachievable "purity."

By conflating beauty with meanness in the Mean Girls archetype, we learn that in order to establish ourselves among the ranks of the "beautiful" people, we do so by subscribing to the mean girl archetype. Through the bad boy archetype, boys believe "nice guys finish last," and to get the girl they, too, have to act meanly.

Because these messages are subtly encoded in our psyches, it's important to re-evaluate the archetypes around us.

My re-evaluation includes rewriting archetypes completely, creating deities and other archetypical imprints in my image.

Most, if not all, archetypes in Western culture stem from Judeo-Christian white supremacy. Their message is that Gods and Goddesses, angels, and everything (good) in-between share the same image as their creator, the white man.

From this lens, Jesus, a sephardic Jew, grew blonde hair and blue eyes. From this lens the modern day witch depiction, white with a big nose and straggly hair, grew from anti-Semitic sentiments.

The white washing of our world means our archetypes, our models of being, get stripped of color, stripped of nuance, and flattened into good or bad, black or white, saint or sinner, too.

It's time we color our world with light, empowerment, and the exaltation of all beings everywhere.

I'm creating archetypes to help us do this.

The goal of this archetype series is to broaden our views of what it means to be a spiritual being--to see ourselves in these beings and then to be able to reclaim our own spiritual authority.

It's hard to get to heaven if you can't see yourself there...

Nobody's perfect. In fact, perfectionism is a byproduct of white supremacy. So let's be messy and discovering and allow our archetypes to be the same. Let's be colorful and original and completely ourselves.

And without further ado: let's color!

Drawing by Spirit, coloring by GieGie

Our first subject is the Rainbow Spiral Goddess.

The Rainbow Spiral Goddess is a magician whose magic stems from her magic spiral. The more she moves this spiral, the more magic emanates from her lips. She is a master of movement and her movements replenish the Earth and saturate the sky with its blue waters.

The Spiral Goddess storms in order to create calmness amidst chaos. In the quiet moments of her meditations, a rainbow of light forms from her body and connects Mother Earth to her beloved Father Sky.

The Rainbow Spiral Goddess Asks:

  • How are you replenishing the Earth?

  • What is your contribution to the whole?

  • What kind of Goddess/God are you?

Use these reflection quest-ings to gain insight into the nature of your own divinity--to gain insight into you.

You can download and print the image and create a little booklet to answer the quest-ings in by folding the printed sheet in half.

Right clink to download and print :)

Show us your colors! We'd love to see your work. Email your colorings to



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