Pose of the Week: Child's Pose

Thank you, Spirit for that energy forecast. Well friends, we’ve got a big week ahead of us. I encourage us all to take great care of our bodies, minds, and spirits. Today, I’m nursing a painful toothache and staying away from technology as much as I can. Thanks to Spirit for helping me get this post live on the interwebs. Maybe this week you’ll consider leaning on loved ones for support as you nurse yourself to health and healing!

Our Pose of the Week to help us ground down the incoming equinox energies is Child’s Pose. There are many variations associated with this pose. I’ve chosen the one that I feel invites the most stillness and rest, key factors in hearing the voice of your soul.

I invite you to get into this pose as many times as you can this week. You can enter Child’s Pose on a yoga mat, bare floor, or any flat-ish surface - even your bed will do.

With that, let’s begin!

Once you’ve found your flat-ish surface of choice, lovingly and gently lower yourself into a seated position on your knees. Sit up straight here, finding length in your spine.

Breathe and notice where your breath lands. Can you inhale deeply so that you feel your stomach expand? Take three more breaths here, grounding into the present moment.

Welcome to the now :)

Bend at your hips and lower your torso onto the tops of your thighs. Drape your arms at your side, allowing your palms to face up towards the ceiling, signaling to the universe that you are in an open and receptive state. Your fingers are pointing towards your toes, not gripping or holding.

The energy of this week is encouraging you to connect with the voice inside you. Most of our day is spent being inundated with the noise of commercials, other people’s opinions, and the endless “shoulds” we put on ourselves. Take a moment to relish in the silence here in the now.

Breathe into your chest deeply. Allow your neck to release and your muscles to rest.

Listen to your breath, the voice of your soul. Notice what comes to mind. Take note of those thoughts and release any judgements that you may find have attached themselves to your thoughts. Remember that the true voice of your soul speaks lovingly.

Scan through your body, noticing any areas of tension. Are you clenching your jaw? Is there tightness in your forehead? Are you clenching your fingers? Exhale. Release.

Settle in here, resting in the present moment. Breathing. Notice your body expanding on your inhales and releasing on your exhales. As you lay here in Child’s Pose, open yourself to messages from your soul. You might even say to yourself “I invite in guidance from my inner child and from my highest self. I welcome in whatever you have to say.” Affirm to yourself that you will hold these messages sacred.

Stay here for as long as you need. Namaste 🙏🏾

BONUS: Incorporate Breath of Fire into your Child’s Pose, to kindle your inner flame and invoke the message from Fire Guardian. To practice breath of fire, start by inhaling in deeply, filling your torso 3/4 of the way full with air, then exhale sharply, constricting your lower abs. Continue with sharp exhales and shallow inhales for 20-30 seconds. Inhale deeply to wash your lungs with fresh air. Exhale to release.



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