October 2k20: Witchin' Szn

Happy October!

It's the first of the month; no teasin'

We're feeling joyous

What's the reason?

Well, loves, it's Witching Season!

*Let's out a deep bellowing cackle*

This month, we're exploring all things "witchy," honoring the inner witch in all of us and reclaiming the power and magic that the term witch holds.

How could such a beautiful term have so many negative connotations attached to it?

There's been an anti-witch smear campaign going on in our society since the dawn of patriarchy.

Rid yourself of all those negative connotations. Grab a cup of tea and come chat with us for a bit. Let's explore the term witch.

What's a witch?

GieGie: For me, a witch is a creatrix of the highest regard! She knows her power. She knows she is connected to Source and to the infinite nature of the universe. She knows.

Spirit: A witch is a vibration; it's a feeling; a pull. "To witch" is a calling; it's a purpose; it's a role. Witches are sisters, shamans, lovers, friends. We are leaders and communicators of the Great Unknown.

So my fellow witches, come closer. Peer into our cauldron and check out what we've got brewing for you this month.

Spirit kicks off Witching Season with an enchanted incantation and poem, The International Witches' Anthem.

Through the rest of the month, we'll be exploring two topics we find most bewitching: love and dreams.

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