New Moon in Virgo 2k20: A Fortuitous Time to Be!

Updated: Jan 18

Happy New Moon in Virgo. New Moons are powerful times to sow seeds of intention, to begin working on projects you've been wanting to begin, and to release old patterns and rest.

This New Moon I'm taking us to the cards in order to gain more insight into the gifts this lunar transit brings.


Our journey begins with a Guiding Light, which is an overarching theme or principle that covers us during this time.

Our Guiding Light is Summer: Bask in Joy and Light.

Message: Take your summer back. With one more week left in the season, we are encouraged to remember that summer is a state of mind and we never have to fear its end. It's the same with abundance; it's the same with air; the same with joy; and the same with Love. We don't have to fear a good thing's ending. Instead, we can bask in this goodness; we can bask in the light and trust that the light is always within us.

Temperance, the Blend card, follows.

Message: Blend the energies floating through you. Get to know each and every one. Be patient in your enlightenment journey; patience is how you'll get things done. When you work a little on each project waiting in your heart then each project will eventually be complete. You just have to start.

The Apprentice of Stones sits beside her.

Message: Grow. Unearth the seeds inside your heart. Warm them at your hearth. Turn your heart light on and grow your garden from its energy. Ask yourself: if something is not coming from my heart, where, then, is it coming from?

The Hanged Man follows suit.

Message: Watch. Wait. Transform. Sit by your proverbial river and wait. Receive your full self by seeing yourself more clearly in this time; by honoring yourself more fervently in this time. More audaciously. More courageously than you have before. Use this time to honor and love yourself without conditions or caveats. Love yourself with pure, unconditional love.

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Have a happy New Moon, and a happy, golden life.





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