My Crystal Journey: From Skeptic to Believer

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

A year ago, if you were to tell me I'd be writing an article about my personal experience with crystal magic, I'd probably look at you with that Wacka Flocka face (see below) and say "...okay..."

The thought of *me* championing crystal magic? I would've thought to myself, "yea, that's cool and all but... not for me." It just did not seem like something I could access. I would've been skeptical, and maybe you are too. My intention in writing this post isn't to convince you of the magic crystals hold - they need no one to do that. My intention is to simply share my experience with crystals and honor the role they've taken in my life as teachers and tools along my awakening journey.

So come on, take a stroll with me down memory lane. Our journey begins five or six years ago, on Christmas day...

My older sister, Yas, was the first in our family to get into crystal magic. She was taking her healing seriously: going to therapy, buying Himalayan salt lamps, and carrying crystals. That year, she gave each of us crystals as Christmas presents. She chose clear quartz for me to give me clarity and support as I navigated the working world, which often left me feeling overwhelmed and out of sorts. At the time, I was working over 50hrs per week at a nonprofit, and the work was urgent. We were all convinced we had to work around the clock to support public school teachers and students. Work was on my mind even during my free moments. I was overwhelmed, to say the least.

I appreciated the gift but I was skeptical, I can't even front. It seemed hard to believe that holding a crystal in the palm of my hand could give me clarity and relieve my stress. That seemed too easy. I opened up the mesh baggie and dropped the clear quartz into my hand. I felt pleasure looking at the crystal, but nothing else. Either this crystal was broken or I just wasn't good at "it," I wasn't magical enough to feel the power of crystals. I decided it was the latter and hoped one day it would all just click, and I'd get "good."

I carried my clear quartz in my purse, along with all those suspicions and doubts. I would feel disappointed every time I reached for it and felt nothing. I ended up leaving it in my purse, where it stayed until it fell out one day. (As I write this, I feel joy knowing that my clear quartz is out there charging Manhattan with it's good vibes. I love you, Clear Quartzy!) Just like that, it was gone and I decided crystals just weren't for me.

My relationship with crystals shifted when I started grad school last year. It was fall 2019, and I was going through it: this program was not what I thought it would be and the experience was crushing my spirit. Everyday felt ridiculously hard. Every interaction felt emotionally draining. And to make matters worse, I had just moved from New York to California and was completely uprooted from my family and tribe of friends. I was so lonely. I felt like an alien who'd just landed on a strange planet and I wanted to be beamed back up to the safety and familiarity of my homeworld.

On of those dark days, I decided to walk to Trader Joes to get some groceries. Along the way, I happened upon the Stone Room, a crystal shop in Berkeley. I was feeling low and probably wanting to avoid opening my Data and Decisions binder. I'm sure there was a quiz on the horizon (we had them every Wednesday). My eyes lit up as I passed the store window. There were crystals shining from every inch of the store and they were beckoning me to come inside. When I walked in, I was relieved to see there were small crystals for under $5, which was well within my I'm-a-no-income-having-student budget.

From there, I was like a kid in a candy store but this candy was healing and nourishing.

The Stone Room had little cards next to each crystal describing the magic they held and I found myself being drawn to the crystals who carried the medicine my soul needed at that time: agate, to deepen my roots in this new city; mookaite, to help me accept change and reach my goals in a balanced way; mini aura quartz to release self-limiting beliefs. I walked out of The Stone Room feeling magnificent: my spirit felt heard, listened to, and fed.

That experience in the Stone Room thrilled me. I couldn't wait to start carrying these crystals with me to class. This felt different from my experience with my Christmas Clear Quartz. I didn't have any skepticism or doubts - there wasn't space for that. I needed help and I wanted a change. I allowed myself to open to the possibility that these crystals could do for me what the store promised.

rom there on out, I'd grab a crystal almost every day and carry it with me. The crystal that I decided to carry with me would be my talisman, a physical reminder of my intention for the day. I'd grab amethyst when I needed clarity in a confusing Econ lecture. I'd grip peacock ore when I needed a reminder to surrender to joy, even in the toughest of moments. Crystals became a physical symbol and reminder of the intentions I had for my day and my life.

My relationship with crystals has deepened significantly since that fateful day in the The Stone Room. I have at least one crystal with me at all times, even when I sleep! (If you are looking for help with a deep, restful sleep, consider Peruvian Opal.) Crystals are a dear friend to me and a life partner. I'm grateful that our love gets deeper everyday.

What's your relationship with crystals? Did you go from skeptic to believer like me? Was it love at first sight for you? I'd love to hear it! Comment below to share your crystal story!



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