My Choice

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

I went on a journey within during this past Scorpio Full Moon.

I travelled into the past and peeked into the future.

I asked myself what I wanted out of my life and defined what steps I could to get me there. Of course, we can never truly plan the steps we need to get us "there," but it felt good to define something. Felt right.

I have a lot of dreams for myself and this full moon helped me realize I was carrying a lot of hidden fears in regards to making these dreams a manifested reality.

"What if I don't succeed at X?" or "What if I get very succesful at Y?"

On both ends of the spectrum, there was fear.

© Sister Shaman

I realized that anything could happen, and the vastness of that understanding shook up some long-held, deeply hidden fears I had been housing in regards to success and abundance.

Sure, on a conscious level, I wanted to be succesful--but did I feel ready for that success? And underneath that cosmic question rang another:

Did I feel worthy of success?

Children are taught from a very young age to chase success. Through social conditioning, we raise generations hellbent on making the American Dream their reality. And yet, true success--success that comes from our authentic, spiritual gifts--seems to elude many. Inside McMansions and piles of possessions, most people feel a sense of lack and a sense of longing--longing for their true gifts to be valued and for their inherent talents to be seen. To be appreciated. To bring them success--true success.

True success is a vibration. It stems from embracing the spiritual gifts we incarnate with and using them to bring more light into the world. When we use our authentic gifts and talents, we not only honor the light in ourselves--we also honor the light of others, which honors the light of the world.

Conversely, when we deny the light inherent in ourselves, we deny that light in others and sustain the shadows of this world.

This is a world where anything is possible. In the brightest, most expansive ways and in the darkest, most constrictive ways. The spectrum of life exists within all of us and within all possibilities. We don't have a say in the nature of existence. What we do have a say in is which possibility of existence we choose to focus on.

Should we choose to focus on fear and doubt, then we choose to experience manifestations of those energies. By contrast, when we choose to focus on love and trust, we choose to experience manifestations of love and trust.

Success requires great love--love for what you do; love for how you do it; and love for the journey towards an outward manifestation of this love--this manifestation which we have come to name "success."

This full moon, I realized I have power, and my power lies in choice.

In a world of infinite possibilities and infinite outcomes, I could choose--neither the path nor the plan, but the destination--based on my energetic focus.

And I choose success. I choose to focus on my talents and cultivate my skills; I choose to focus on the positives as I find my way forward. I choose to honor the "setbacks" as teachers, and to learn from their great lessons.

I choose to focus on the good.

In the spirit of love and trust I choose to move, to shift, and to own my power.

My choice.



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