Listen to our Aries Season Astrocast! ♈︎

Have you ever wondered what’s going on up there, you know… in the cosmos? What’s going on up there, planets and stars? What ever are y’all up to?

Us too. And we decided to take our wonderings and turn them into ponderings, which you can find on our new podcast!

Introducing... Into the Ether: The Sister Shaman Astrocast.

Here, you’ll find our musings and answers to that glacial question: what’s going on up there?

In Episode 1, we explore the energy of Aries season, which begins in just a few days on March 20.

March 20 also happens to be the day of the Spring Equinox, which means BIG energies and a new chapter for us all. We're talking empowerment, emergence, and embodying Aries energy to live your most authentic and joyous life.

You’ll have to listen for more 😏

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