Free Spirit Fitness Episode 1: On the Heels of Spring

I’ve always loved exercise videos.

As a kid, me and GieGie went through a fierce, albeit brief, Richard Simmons phase where, together, we sweat to the oldies.

In high school, when I didn’t have access to fancy gym equipment and couldn’t work out outside (paranoid Haitian mothers be like: “No.”) I found solace in the free videos available on the now defunct Exercise TV on Demand.

Actual footage of my mother.

Exercise videos were accessible, powerful, and made moving in the safety of my own home a real possibility. I didn’t have to worry about prying eyes or about being good enough; it was always just me, the host, and the assortment of fitness models backing them up.

It was a safe space.

And so today, I build a safe space with you in the first installment of Free Spirit Fitness!

Come intuitively dance with me as we move our energy up and out into the world!

Are you ready?

Dance on...

Let me know if you’d like more of these and share this with a dancin’ friend!





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