Day 7 of "7 Day Move and Pray" - Expand

Updated: Feb 3

Update (1:12am, 1/31) - did it!

7 days of movin’ and groovin’,

7 days of prayin‘ and stayin’ (hopeful).

On day 7, we E-X-P-A-N-D!

If you watched even one of these videos, thank you! I am filled with gratitude that you’d take the time to bear witness to this expression of my soul. That’s pretty damn cool of you. And as someone who has spent much of my life feeling unseen, I do not take that for granted.

I pray we meet again. Until then, namaste, sweet friend.

——— Update (1:12am, 1/31) - I have spent hours trying to get this video posted and have had no luck! Mercury retrograde be like “COMMUNICATION AND TECHNOLOGY BREAKDOWN”! With that, I’m releasing my deep desire to post this video tonight and going to bed. Here’s hoping Expand successfully posts before retrograde energies end in March 😅.

Update (11:36am, 2/3) - SUCCESSSSSS 🙌🏾



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