Day 5 of "7 Day Move and Pray" - Full Moon Flow

Happy Full Moon in LEO! Today Mama Moon is fully illuminated, bringing all the shadows and mysteries of the dark side of the moon into the light.

We feel the energy of the full moon for a full week, beginning 3 days before the transit and continuing three days after. As you navigate the next three days, you'll likely find some of your own shadows coming into the light, bravely revealing themselves in hopes of being seen, loved, and healed.

This can be quite a painful process... and it sure ain't pretty. I get the image of shining a flashlight down a dark and deserted alleyway only to see rats scatter across the floor. *GULP.*

Full moons are also a time for harvest, for reaping the seeds that you've planted over the course of the month. It's a beautiful time to celebrate all you've accomplished.

Leo energy is BIG, it's bold, it's fiery and full of passion. Today, can you tap into your bigness? Can you look back on the month and proudly exclaim "I did that!"

Can you shine with pride?

Day 5 of "7 Day Move & Pray” is a flow in honor of Mama moon. I pray we shine bright, like Mama Moon, today and all days!




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