Day 4 of "7 Day Move and Pray" - Tenderness for Tough days

WHEW CHIL! This week has been trying me. Everything feels difficult - conversations, tasks, even being comfortable in my own tight and itchy skin.

As Spir mentions in her powerful meditation, IT'S HARD AS HELL BEING AN EARTHLING RIGHT NOW! (Ok, she didn't say that exactly and she certainly didn't scream it but that's how it came through for me 😆)

Tough days ask only one thing of us: tenderness.

Tenderness to smooth our rough edges.

Tenderness to ease our frayed nerves. Tenderness to give ourselves a much needed break.

Day 4 of "7 Day Move & Pray” offers support on our toughest of days by calling in the energy of tenderness.

Remember, you are precious. You deserve to be treated with loving kindness!


P.S. Sorry if it's been hard to hear me in these videos! I will practice speaking up in future videos!

P.P.S. Thank you, Minty for watching and for pointing that out. This is all a learning process for me :)

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