Day 3 of "7 Day Move and Pray" - Good Morning Flow

On day 3 of "7 Day Move & Pray,” we welcome in the morning* with thanks!

What if we exchanged the morning grind with a morning ground? What would your morning look like to swap “grind” activities (think checking your work email or social media upon waking) for ones that made you feel grounded (think journaling, lovingly preparing yourself breakfast or cuddling with a loved one)? If your goal were to ground yourself, would you start your day in the same way or would you choose differently?

Gratitude is a particularly grounding force. It reminds us of the people, places, things, and moments that make life worth living.

Today, I’m grateful for your willingness to see me and to flow with me.

Namaste 😘

* Time is but an illusion! This flow is a great way to boost/(re)start your day whenever it finds you!

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