Bringing Crystal Magic into Everyday Life

Updated: Feb 6

Raise your hand if you’ve brought a crystal home from a shop, giddy with excitement, only to find your new friend collecting dust on your desk, window sill, table, or alter month’s later?

Raises hand. 😅 Yep, I've been there too! It can be really difficult to find ways to “use” crystals.

I believe that the mere presence of a crystal is enough to impact the energy field of a room. If you’ve got crystals around your home, give yourself credit for that! Now, stop reading this article and go dust them off. Give them some love. Thank them for charging your space with positive intentions.

Would you look at your crystals differently if I told you that crystals are masters of ascension? I was first exposed to this thought in the opening page's of Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth. (Funnily enough, I have yet to make it past the first chapter of that book so I'm thankful he share's this message early on.)

In any case, he writes that all forms of matter can undergo enlightenment, and uses the transformation that rocks – the densest form of matter – undergo to become crystals as an example. Think about it: an opaque rock transforms to become a crystal, a channel of light. How beautiful is that?

Crystals are ascended masters. They can teach us so much, if we open ourselves to receive their teachings. Their wisdom is spoken in whispers, so we must lean in and listen intently to hear it. Their magic is subtle, so we must pay attention or we just might miss it.

Crystals are living beings. Would you ignore your roommate, your dog, or your plant? Maybe you would. I can't judge you for that because I've done plenty of ignoring in my own life. But I've learned that you don't get much from your relationships by ignoring them. The same is true with crystals – you won’t get much from them by ignoring them.

Here are a few ways I invite the magic of crystals into my everyday life:

1) Talk to them. When I bought my first few crystals, I would just hold them. Later, I started to talk to them. Once I started looking at crystals as living beings and masters of ascension, I started to talk to them and even ask them questions. I would look at Rose Quartz and ask, how do I make room for more love in my life? To Clear Quartz I'd ask, what tips do you have for ascension? Trust that the answers you need will come, often in intuitive nudges.

2) Carry them with you as you go about your day. This probably seems obvious, but it’s worth mentioning. Do not leave your crystals on your alter to collect dust. If you are worried about losing them, create a crystal pouch for yourself to wear or sew into your jacket. Some days, I'll set an intention for the day -- like "grounding in presence" -- and then I'll choose a crystal -- like agate -- that reminds me of that intention.

3) Dream with them. Hold a crystal as you sleep or tuck one into your pillow case to set an intention for your dream journey. Perhaps you want a deep and restful sleep, try out Peruvian opal underneath your pillow. Clarity? Amethyst is your girl.

4) Invoke their magic, Pokémon style. Full disclosure: I haven’t watched Pokemon in over a decade, so this analogy may be weak, but go with me. You know how Ash and other Poke-people will call in specific Pokémon to battle, depending on what’s needed for the moment? Well, crystals can be your Pokémon! In any given situation, you can harness the energetic properties of a crystal and call in that energy into a space. On days when I am feeling particularly low and down on myself, I’ll hold a Rose Quartz and welcome unconditional love into my energetic field. If I’m feeling defeated, I’ll hold a Tiger’s Eye and welcome in the energy of empowerment. This type of energy work can be especially helpful in shifting low vibrations to higher vibrations.

5) Mediate with them. You can hold a crystal or create a grid on/around you while you mediate to charge and amplify the energy around you.

6) Body work. One day when I had a mean headache, Spirit gave me a clear quartz to hold against my temple and it did wonders for me! On days where my skin feels extra dry and tight, I'll lightly rub Rose Quartz against my skin before moisturizing to send loving attention to my skin cells.

7) Look at them. I believe that just gazing at your crystals can create subtle shifts within you and in your energy field. Put your crystals in a place where you can easily see them and send them your loving gaze. Before you know it, you'll be inspired to hold them!

Are there other ways you use crystals in your day to day life? Drop a line and share them the community in a comment!

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