Body by Braveheart Skincare Launch!

Guess what, y'all? I just launched a body care line called Body By Braveheart! It's all natural, all organic, and all handmade with my love and care :)

Making my own skin care products emerged along my path towards deeper self love and care. I began inspecting the labels of the products I put on my skin and found myself discouraged at all the additives, even in products that touted themselves as "all natural." From Sodium Lauryl Sulfate to an oh-so-generic nod to "fragrance/perfume" or some odd-numbered dye, it became glaringly obvious that most body care products are filled with fake, fake, fake shit.

I mean, really... what is all of this stuff and do we really want it on our skin?

Don't believe me? Go see for yourself! Go into your bathroom, grab one of your body care products, and inspect the label. How many of those ingredients do you recognize? How many would you dare to eat?

I believe what we put on our skin matters.

Our skin is our largest organ and our body's first line of defense. Artificial ingredients get absorbed into our skin and impact our health in insidious ways.

On top of that, almost all products you'd find in a store are made in a factory by underpaid employees, by machines, or some combination of both. Talk about low vibes. Though more subtle than, say, whether a chicken was raised in a cage or an open pasture or whether your kale has been smothered in pesticides or grown organically, I believe the production process of the products we buy matters just as much as it does with the food we eat. If a company is cutting corners to save money, you can believe they are prioritizing their profit over your health and that energy is embedded into their product.

Yes, I did just compare factory-made face creme to caged chickens and conventional kale. Some will say I'm taking this way too far. Maybe I am 🤷🏾‍♀️ But since I have a choice, I choose to put the most natural, highest-vibe products on my skin and I'd love to see more people taking that step. *gets off soapbox*

Enter, Body by Braveheart! 😁

*gets back on soapbox*

It's time we stop using products with artificial and toxic ingredients, and start nourishing our skin with gentle, natural ingredients.

For those of you who are about that life, check out my products for your fabulous face, your bodacious body, your luscious lips, and, coming soon, for your brazen beards!

Shop here.

If you do feel inclined to purchase something, please know that your support means the world to me! I'm really excited to share my products with a broader community!

Much love,




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