Aquarius Season 2k20: Making Space for the Magic of You

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

The sun travels through the sign of Aquarius each year from January 20th until February 20th. When the sun travels through a particular astrological sign, the lessons and qualities the sign brings are heightened and available for us to incorporate into our lives, should we be open to doing so.

Aquarius is all about autonomy. Much like fire sign, Aries, Aquarius calls us to be true to ourselves and to stand by our own convictions. Aquarius takes it one step further, however, calling us to not only honor our difference, but the difference in others. Aquarius understands that we are all different, and it is this difference that connects us—should we allow our differences to show.

However, because we live in a time when conformity is the norm, we are conditioned to view difference as a force that separates instead of a force that unites.

Aquarius calls for a shift in that way of thinking. It is asking us to embrace our difference so that we can come together as a united collective whose different aspects are seen and appreciated for what they are and what they uniquely contribute.

If we truly allowed everyone to be different, there would be no such thing as “difference.” There would simply be…people, places, and things existing in the light of their uniqueness, basking in the flow of life.

So this Aquarius season, allow yourself to bask in the flow of life by basking in the light of you. Embrace your difference, and understand that everyone is different and in that way, we are all the same.


Using my Sacred Geometry Activations oracle deck, we're going to get some further guidance as to how we can best navigate the Aquarian energies that 2020 has to offer. First up we have:


The frequency of allowance invites us to be open to whatever comes our way--without judgement, without opinion, without fear, and without resistance.

This Aquarius season (and beyond) allow yourself to be--triumphant, struggling, dazed, confused. Allow yourself to feel big and small, holding space for wherever you find yourself in life at the present moment. Give yourself a break. Allow yourself to be, and give yourself credit for be-ing this far. Once you've done that, extend that gift to others, and see it returned to you in wondrous ways.


The frequency of Synergy supports our allowance . . . It remind us to embrace the unfamiliar so that new yet exciting cocreations can give birth to a new reality.

This season you will be supported in your endeavors to bridge the gap between who you truly are and who you have heretofore portrayed...should you allow your true, authentic light to shine.

You may have felt like it was not safe to show the world the real you--the you who speaks in whispers to your dreaming self at night. This is why it's a "never-seen-before" combination: the real you in this simulated world has yet to be seen and yet to be honored. But the energies of 2020 are calling for a shift; they are calling each and every one of us to step into our fullness and to finally embody the totality of who we are.

And what happens when we do?


The frequency of Miracle supports our belief in ourselves as a part of Source, and therefore, our belief that anything is possible.

When we believe in ourselves as divine beings--as infinite souls who chose to experience this life on Earth, we realize there is no limit to what we can accomplish. When we see ourselves as extensions of the Universe, we can see how important it is to be that extension--to be who we truly are. Because it is only when we are who we truly are that we can create the shifts we have come here to make.

So this Aquarius season, shift into your fullness, and make space for the magic of You.

Wishing you love, light, and miracles!




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