A Welcome Walk Down Memory Lane

🎤Back to life 🎤

... It's a new reality and we're reemerging from under the rock we call "home."

This summer has left us raw, released, remembered--and sun-kissed, too!

It all started at the tail-end of June, when we packed up our car and left New York for the Golden State. This was our second cross-country road trip and it couldn't have been more different than our first. This route sent us down the windy terrain of America's backroads and straight through its small towns. Did we mention that we left at the height of a global pandemic and major race-based upsets? Suffice to say, things were tense on the road. Campgrounds were not as welcoming as we'd imagined and, more often than not, we felt safest place in our car.

We give thanks that we survived the road trip unharmed, though we had to say goodbye to Delilah, the orchid, along the way. May she rest in power.

Since arriving in California, time has felt, well, out-of-time. Here's a bit of what we've been up to:

We got rid of most of our belongings, in a yard sale that started off as a sidewalk boutique and ended in a radical exchange, an intentional move to free ourselves from the prison of capitalism and scarcity thinking.

We celebrated Spirit's 27th birthday outdoors and in style...

We laughed, we cried, we fought..

We've never been closer.

It's with this closeness and love, that we embark on this new journey together: Sister Shaman.

What is Sister Shaman, you ask?

Well, it's a place for spiritual musings and thangs. Thangs like poetry, yoga, essays, and love; our aim is to connect folks to the guides above.... and below, and around. We see spirituality everywhere and in everything. Now it's time we share our sights with others--it's time we share our thoughts with you.

So welcome!

It's great to have you.

We thank each and every one of you for being part of the Sister Shaman community. Your presence matters. You matter. And we can't wait to grow with you!

In Love and Freedom,

Sister Shaman



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