A Special Meditation on Power

I was greatly inspired by GieGie's Seven Day Move and Pray and I decided that I would use this week to intentionally tune my energy towards the divine, connecting with my higher self and seeing what she had to say.

This intentionality couldn't have come at a more perfect time. With the planets in a tense formation, we Earthlings are in an astrological pressure cooker. That is to say: it's rough being alive right now.

Here's a moment of gratitude for all of us living anyways and powering this Earth with our light.


I recorded this meditation yesterday to honor Power. Power, which has been co-opted and turned into a dirty word. But what if power is light and light is life and by living we are full of Power? Full of light?

In this meditation I take us back to lifetimes where we stood in our full power. By experiencing this past empowerment, we can remember this power is available to us today and glean the ways in which we can best harness our inner power to best serve ourselves and our world.


An after-effect I experienced with this meditation is a root chakra cleanse and purge. Root chakra activations expose darker aspects of our lives we may have buried deep within our root system. If these wounds come up for you, be gentle with yourself as you lovingly let them go. Scream, cry, laugh, eat--do whatever you need to do to take care of yourself in the time that follows this meditation.

And so without further ado, je vous présente: ze meditation.



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