A Letter to My Soul Tribe

Dear Soul Tribe,

Do you ever feel completely alone and totally misunderstood? Like no one understands you or your weird quirks and triggers? Like you can't express yourself because when you do, it goes terribly astray?

Do you ever feel so confused? Like nothing about life on Earth makes sense? Like Kanye Lost in the World? Like you're floating but also furiously grasping - trying to hold onto whatever you can?

Do you ever feel like the world around you is crumbling, and, all the while, you're trying your hardest to hold it all together and not show that you're falling apart?

Do you ever just feel so low? Like the voice in your head only seems to notice the things wrong about you? Like it's impossible to hold onto joy; to hold onto yourself?

Do you ever feel personally victimized? Like everything and everyone is out to get you? Like even your loyal ass dog has her own agenda to make you miserable?

Do you ever hide? Hide yourself; hide your tears; hide your shadows? Hide and then get upset that you're hiding because all you really want is to be seen?

Do you ever worry and wonder if anyone will ever love you or get you?

You do? Me too. I feel all of those things, too.

And I'm writing this letter because today is one of those "all of the feels" kind of days. It's one of those days where I feel impossibly alone.

So, I'm writing to you to remind myself that I'm not alone. I have a soul tribe: a group of people who have held, celebrated, and supported my soul, in all its many iterations, through lifetimes.

So, to my soul tribe: I want you to know, that you are not alone either. I see you doing your best, staying true and being you. The mere thought of your existence lifts my spirit!

In these dark days, I pray we orient towards joy. I pray we dance naked in the upcoming Spring showers; bask in beams of sunlight; and get lost in the clouds.

I pray we meet on this Earthly plane soon.

Until then, I love you. I see you.

In Love & Freedom, Giege



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