Updated: Jun 22, 2020

The end bit of a joint

is the best --

It's stronger,


tells you what it wants.

"I want to stop moving,"

I tell myself.

Root down

so deep into the ground,

Earth's crust serve as feet.

I want to stop time

This instant

and live in it—

relish it like candy,

bitter chocolate and tea.

I want to go everywhere,

yet only the places I’ve already been.

A new city is a new beginning;

It’s paving a walkway at midnight

under the midnight milken Way.

I used to love Midnight Milky Ways—

the ones with the fluff in the middle.

The darkness tasted sweet,

tasted light.

Now, I can’t take the sugar.

I was afraid of ends back then.

Afraid of losing things I’d already lost.

So when I ate one Midnight Milkyway—

and it was never just one Midnight Milkyway—

the moment could not end.

That is, until the bag did.

I’ve since now learned to relish.

This instant

I have relished.

This moment, I have loved.

The end not bitter,

not sweet,

just the



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