10 Affirmations for Healing Body Bigness Trauma

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Body shaming is something many of us encounter on a daily basis thanks to certain family members, media outlets, and overarching societal programming.

In Part 1 of this two-part special, I am going to share the healing affirmations I am working with as I heal the wounds of body shaming that I have internalized from my youth. From this internalization of shame I have taken on a disordered relationship with food and eating; I have been afraid to fully embody my body and own that it is bigger than I was told it should be.

In short, I’ve been afraid to embrace all of me.

To that I say: no more!

It’s time I open self acceptance’s door and dance through.

So if you’re ready, read these affirmations with me:

  1. I honor my body’s need for frequent, health-filled feedings.

  2. I honor food.

  3. I love food.

  4. I love that my body needs food.

  5. I have a healthy appetite.

  6. I release myself from the shame of eating. I realize there is no shame in eating; eating is how my body survives.

  7. Through finding what is healthy for me, I watch my body thrive.

  8. I love eating; there is no glamour in being hungry.

  9. There is no shame in being me.

  10. I love my body.

If you’ve read it, you have affirmed it.

For an extra power boost, try saying these affirmations out loud while holding aspects of your body you have come to dislike. Picture love beams shining from your hands to all those sacred parts and welcome in the healing energy of love.

Part Two will be affirmations created by GieGie on healing the trauma of being body-shamed for being “too skinny.”

Whatever body you embody, remember: body shaming is still shaming and shame has no place here.

Here, we celebrate and uphold the principle of unconditional love. And while loving ourselves unconditionally may be a practice we’re still practicing, we remember: in trying lies the doing.

Wishing you a happy Wednesday and a health-filled week!





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