HeartSong is an exploration of the heart resonance called Love; a bedroom dance party of One; a peek inside a well worn purple diary; autobiography and observations; and a dream made manifest.


I started HeartSong in September of 2020 when I acquired Heart, the funky, green piano for free off the Bay Area Craigslist and began teaching myself piano. Perpetually confused by online tutorials and music books, I decided the best way to learn would be to compose original songs and play them. 


This is my growing collection.


If you would like to take any of my songs with you and money is a deterrent, please reach out to me and together we can come up with a different kind of symbiotic exchange.

about the album

I have been a student of Love my entire life, and this is a culmination of my studies thus far. Originally conceptualized as a three-song EP, this album is that idea, transformed and expanded. It is a journey into my heart and a recreation of all of Creation. It is about hopes and dreams and the ultimate truth, which is Love.

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This 60-page booklet features all of the lyrics to the songs in “Sacred Love,” as well as a compilation of essays, poems, illustrations, and coloring pages with reflective questions pertaining to love. Designed with the listener in mind, this brings an essential layer to the “Sacred Love” experience, where the listener becomes the co-creator of their very own sacred love book. 

blue/one lyric video


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Sacred Love Poster

Sacred Love Poster


More music

about the album

"Songs for My Mother" is my first collection of songs. 

A loose documentation of the past two years, this album is about the love I share with my mother and the love I have come to hold within myself. 

Please listen and enjoy; it means the world to me to share this with you. 



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the laptop repair fund


During a Sacred Love recording session, the laptop me and GieGie share careened off my piano and crashed onto the floor, funking up the screen as you can see above. Repairing our laptop at Apple will cost several hundred dollars, so if you'd like to support us, donating to our Laptop Repair Fund is a huge help!

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