The Spirit Experience is our podcast hosted by Spirit. In each episode, Spirit discusses a variety of spiritual topics through storytelling and songs, using the occasional rainstick for a little pizzaz.

Season One focuses on the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energetic polarities that exist within all of us. Listen here.

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Into the Ether: The Sister Shaman Astrocast is our astrology podcast hosted by GieGie in conversation with Spirit on astrological transits, guidance for each astro season, and other mystical musings. 

Listen here.

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The Morning Ground is a selection of audio diary entries from GieGie's oh-so-grounding AM walks with Lily. In each episode, she shares her uncut and unfiltered thoughts on whatever is on her heart, mind, and spirit that day. 

Listen here.


HeartSong is Spirit's independent music project. Using her burgeoning piano skills as a tool for storytelling, each album follows a theme and story pulled from Spirit's life. Listen to her latest work here.