our sistren's stories

My name is Spirit--Spirit Cadet. As my  first name suggests, I am a spiritual being. As my last name suggests, I am a student, a person in training to serve a force greater than the sum of my parts. I am a writer, a thinker, and an ever-hopeful romantic. I am a child and a woman. I am a being of light. 

I see great light in this world, and  I hold space for this world's shadows. It is my intention, hope, and pleasure to share these polarities with all of you through spiritual discussion, tarot readings, and other mystical musings.

See you on the other side.



Greetings fellow earthlings! I'm Freedom also known as Brave Heart. Reclaiming my spirituality has changed my life, moving me past ancestral trauma and the "shoulds" of society into a world where I feel supported, held, and safe. With each new day, I learn to honor the Goddess, Shaman, and Divine Mother/Father within me. Crystals and yoga have been a huge part of this journey back to whole myself.

I am  uncovering new aspects of myself daily and finding joy in that process. You'll find me here sharing personal reflections from my journey and letting my inner artist play. I thank you for reading, watching, digesting, and witnessing all that I share. 

In love, light, and freedom,



Talk soon!